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In India, "cold weather" is merely a conventional phrase and has come into
use through the necessity of having some way to distinguish between weather
which will melt a brass door-knob and weather which will only make it mushy.
		-- Mark Twain

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Juniper McIntyre

Quick internet history

I started writing a web development tutorial a bit back. It started with a bit of a speal on how we ended up having an internet to post this junk on.


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Hi, If you are reading this thank you for visiting my website please leave a note since I do not think I keep access logs if its an emergency please leave an error log entry
learn lisp, install gentoo...
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Learn Scheme (R5RS) and Common LISP.
Ezekiel Wordsworth
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Teena Forehand

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G7 Summit Airs West’s Dirty Laundry

Socialist Revolution

International Marxist Tendency ★ Jun 18, 2021

The recent G7 meeting was heralded as a comeback for America and its allies to stifle the rise of China. Instead, the summit only confirmed the decline and disunity of Western imperialism.